Thursday, December 3, 2015

Public Talk in Todos Santos Dec 13th

Please join us at the beautiful Cuatro Viento Space in Todos Santos!
(Located by La Esquina Cafe, take driveway down the hill through the bamboo gate and lovely palm garden. Parking is just below the centre.)

Stay for tea and refreshments!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Holiday Retreat: MANDARAVA with Nina Robinson

Tsegyalgar West is pleased to host 
Nina Robinson, Instructor of Mandarava
December 27 2015 to Jan 2nd 2016
Please register online at
Casitas are rented first some first served so please 
register for this retreat and make you deposit asap!

Please feel free to download flyer to share with others!

Holiday Retreats: JIM VALBY SMS BASE

Tsegyalgar West is pleased to Host 
Dzogchen Community Instructor Jim Valby
December 16-21st 2015

Please register online at

Casitas are rented first some first served so please 
register for this retreat and make you deposit asap!

Please feel free to download flyer to share with others!

Permaculture Seminar Series - November 2015

Permaculture Seminars at Tsegylagar West
Please register online at

Rescheduled to January 22, 23, 24 2016 
Because of late season Hurricane Warnings in November!

Monday, October 5, 2015

RETREAT & EVENTS Schedule Updated!

Retreats & Events

Please fill out and submit a REGISTRATION FORM on website to attend retreat/workshops.
For more information and to register:

Tsegyalgar West 2015/16 Season Retreats Schedule: 

Upcoming Retreat Programs in the extraordinary Cape Mountains, a Desert/Tropical Range of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Only 25 minutes from San Jose del Cabo airport

December 17-21, 2015 
SMS Training Base Level & Mahayoga
Retreat with  JIM VALBY    The Base of Dzogchen


December 27- 2nd January, 2016 
Nina Robinson - Mandarava Retreat
A long life and revitalizing practice
People can arrive on the 26th


January 22 – 24th, 2016 
The Synergistic Way of Gardening
& Natural Eco-C​ultures

PERMACULTURE  Seminar  Weekend  workshop w/Jose Avina

Courses and practices TBA at TW and in BCS
December 2015 through May 2016


February 23-25th 2016
Purification of Six Lokas ‘Group Practice’ 
with Michael Katz (Locals invited to come up for group practice)

February 26-28th, 2016- Michael Katz 
Dream Yoga and Practice of Clear Light 


March 25 to 27th, 2016
Natural & Regenerative Farming​:​ # 3: Theory & Practice​ PERMACULTURE
Weekend workshop with Jose Avina
For more information and to register:
​For the TW Schedule:


Tsegyalgar Oeste Programa de retiros 2015/16:  

Próximo programa de retiros en Rancho Los Naranjos 
En las extraordinarias montañas de Baja California Sur, México, solo 25 minutos desde el aeropuerto de San José del Cabo e
n un escenario excepcional.​

Únanse a nuestro programa de retiros 

​o ¡propónganse un ​a ​ visita a este  Gar para un retiro personal!

Seminario 1: 22/23/24 ENERO 2016
Tierra, agua y vida​ en
 las eco-culturas naturales
Descubre como la naturaleza potencia tu vida ​
3 talleres de fin de semana con José Aviña en​tre:

El modo sinérgico de la jardinería
Seminario 1:
Tierra, agua y vida​ en
 las eco-culturas naturales
Descubre como la naturaleza potencia tu vida ​
3 talleres de fin de semana con José Aviña en​tre:

 ~ ~ ~
Diciembre, 17 al 21 de 2015 
Retiro del nivel de la Base del SMS:  
Mahayoga dentro del Dzogchen con Jim Valby
    Aprenderemos como aplicar muchos detalles de la  transformación gradual del Mahayoga dentro de la Transmisión del Dzogchen.

~ ~ ~

27 de Diciembre de 2015 al 2 de Enero de 2016:
Retiro de práctica de ​
Mandarava con Nina Robinson. 

Práctica de larga vida y revitalización. Es posible llegar el 26 de Diciembre o antes si así lo desean.

~ ~ ~

Enero 22 al 24 de 2016 
Jardinería energética y Agrosilvicultura Seminario 2
Taller de fin de semana con José Aviña
Habrá tiempo para Yantra Yoga, Dance del Vajra y práctica de algún Tun.

~ ~ ~
Febrero de 2016. 
Dos retiros con:
Michael Katz
 FEBRUARY 23 al 25, 
Práctica de Purificación de las Seis Lokas
Group practice

FEBRUARY 26 al 28, Retiro del 
Yoga de los sueños y la Práctica de la Luz Natural  (Los fondos reunidos se destinarán a la construcción de la casa de Tsegyalgar en Dzamling Gar, Tenerife)

~ ~ ~
Marzo, 25 al 27 de 2016
Agricultura regenerativa y natural. Semaniario 3
Taller de fin de semana con José Aviña
Combinado con Yantra Yoga, Dance del Vajra y  Práctica de algún Tun.

Para más información y para registrarse:

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Permaculture Workshops at TW

We are excited about our 2015 PERMACULTURE PROGRAM at Tsegyalar West. Three different weekend workshops are offered this season, the first in the series starts November 27th. Various projects to learn from while restoring land, life and soul in the San Jose del Cabo Mountain biosphere. Come up to participate!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen Base Studies

Español Version
Public Talk on October 15th see flyer below
See August post for more information:

The Precious Vase
Public Talk Oct 15th

Santi Maha Sangha Retreat Info

Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen Retreat​

​Information and ​
October 16-18th 2015

To register:

Please plan to arrive on Friday afternoon. Airport shuttle ride is available from the airport for $25 USD. For carpooling in Baja let our Secretary know and we will do our best ​to connect you with a ride-share.

Rushan and Semzin meditation practices will be part of the Sessions and the beautiful ecology of the area will give much opportunity for discovery. Yantra yoga practice will be available in the morning and a practice in the evening according to the interest.

The retreat will end Sunday evening the 18th at 5:30 pm for the final session, but those who wish to stay Sunday evening are welcome to stay overnight at no additional charge. Those who wish to contiune to stay on after the retreat are welcome, please check with gecko manager or Secretary for costs.

The Gar can be variable weather so bring hot and cool weather clothes, cushions for practice, sturdy shoes for hiking, swimming suit for the arroyo, sunscreen, repellant and camping gear if staying at the campgrounds.

Our Casitas are either private or shared and bunk style as well. Your choice of accommodation is available on the registration page. Food/accommodation costs are separate from the retreat fee.

​Cost of Retreat:
Suggested donation for the Seminar: 
Members  $30 USD/day (500 pesos) 
Non members  $50 USD/day (800 pesos).
For work study discounts contact: tsegyalgarwestsecretary

Accommodations - Various casita and camping options.
Food costs ($25 USD/day or 300 pesos) 
Registration forms can be found on the on the TW website.

General Schedule:

Friday, October 16
Register and settle in from 2pm to 5pm
Dinner 6 to 6:45 pm

​7​ - 9pm Teachings (Gompa area) 

Saturday, October 17
8 am Yantra Yoga (​Optional)
9 am Breakfast and clean up
10-12 pm Teachings and Practice
Lunch/clean up and free time
4-6 pm Teachings and Practice
7 pm ~ Dinner and clean up
8 pm  Optional (Khaita, Vajra dance, Tun​ or bonfire)

Sunday, October 18
8 am Yantra Yoga (​Optional)
9 am Breakfast and clean up
10-12 pm Teachings and Practice
Lunch/clean up and free time

​3:30-5:30​ pm Teachings & Practice - End of Retreat​

​6:30​ pm ~ Final ​Dinner and clean up  

​7:30​ pm Optional (Khaita, Vajra dance, Tun​ or bonfire)

Monday, October 19
8 am  Yantra Yoga (Optional in Gompa area)
9 am Breakfast and clean up​, and departure​

For questions please contact Secretary

Looking forward to this special time together at the beautiful 'Los Naranjos'  Gar of Tsegyalgar West!

All best,
The Gakyil of Tsegyalgar West

Sunday, August 2, 2015

MIRROR Article about Tsegyalgar West
MIRROR 2015 #128 
TW Article by Laurie Pearce Bauer

Tsegyalgar West retreat land, historically called ‘Ranchos de Los Naranjos’ by the local community, is comprised of 3,000 acres of unique tropical desert in the mountains of Baja Sur, close to beaches on the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific.  It has several springs, a huge arroyo with perpetual pools, giant white fig trees, many native palm trees, cacti and grand vistas. The land has its own feeling and vast mystery.

Norbu Rinpoche, when first walking the natural areas of this property in 2004, looked intently at the land. He especially loved the granite ridges and rocks formations along the way to the valleys. He remarked several times at the similarity to Derghe in Eastern Tibet in some respects and of the ‘Beyuls’, historically known to be valleys that are hidden from people with ordinary vision. The recognition of a Beyul in this context is more of a call to participation than it is one of speculation.

The Tibetan tradition of ‘Beyul’ hidden valleys is generally traced back to Guru Padmasambhava, but have a more pragmatic base than just legendary. Today, in central Khams-Derghe, called by some the ‘Dzogchen Holy Land’, you will find what is perhaps Tibet’s cultural and Buddhist center.

Near the mountainous region of this area are located about a thousand natural caves still populated by practitioners of various disciplines. It is said many secret yogis achieved realization at the Beyul Jong caves. Beyul places, at their core, have always been about the life of a Community – whether it be Mahasiddhas or simple mountain people – where even the earth itself participates.

So while history and imagination regale us, we also must be aware that there is a development possible, not just in the individual, but also more importantly in the Community as a whole, at the land of Los Naranjos.

The worldwide Dzogchen Community ultimately shares in what we do with that. As the world progresses in many directions, we as practitioners have a responsibility for the continuation of the Dzogchen Teachings we have received.

The Baja Sur retreat land definitely holds a place for our future, ready for accomplishment. Fast forward over a decade of dedicated efforts of a small group of members holding the torch for magnificent possibility of this natural, verdant wilderness, welcoming practitioners to live within its sanctuary and flourish.

Tsegyalgar West is the largest Gar ‘landwise’ but with the smallest population of people living here; it’s amazing to have gotten this far. Usually the Community exists first before securing retreat land, but this land was given as an extraordinary donation to Rinpoche and the Dzogchen Community has followed his lead. We need everyone’s help to grow this retreat center, to come practice, to support and benefit from this refuge jewel in the natural wilderness at Baja California Sur.

2105 Update  There is now a large new Gonpa with sliding panels to the outdoors, a Vajra Dance Hall, efficient Kitchen and open-air Dining hall. Casita houses are available to rent for short or longer retreats for groups and for individuals. Campgrounds have been created and native tropical/desert gardens surround all common areas. The Community in nearby Baja area offers a wide variety of programs for all. Yantra Yoga and Vajra Dance are ongoing at the Gar and in the local towns. Dzogchen teachers offer retreats every winter at the Gar.
This coming winter season:
Several Santi Maha Sangha (base level) retreats
Mandarava Retreat  Christmas/New Years Holiday
Permaculture Workshops on the Land
Dream Yoga Retreat in Feb 2016
Yantra Yoga and Vajra Dance (Intro and Advanced)

We encourage you to make a gift, large or small, to support the new development phase about to begin. It is a place for ongoing ecological living, restoration and education; a place to be with other practitioners and live in health and well being in nature; a place where organic vegetables and fruits are abundant, a place enriched by the many talents of Community members. Come and join us in person, so that this Gar’s infrastructure develops – a place to relax and regenerate one’s natural state, unfettered by the modern world.  This unique resource for the International Community is a sanctuary to preserve and ensure the Dzogchen tradition flourishes in the experience of all those it touches.

For more information
Please help us repair and renovate after Hurricane Odile :

We Need Your Support!

TSW is in crisis and needs to get the basics running for self-sustenance, mainly Solar BATTERIES and HOT WATER. 
There are other things it's important for people to know 
- we need everyones help to repair and renovate the 
VERY BASICS for this next season.


Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015/16 Tentative Schedule

Tsegyalgar West 
Upcoming Retreat Programs

October 16 to 18th, 2015
Intro to SMS Base Level 
with Steven Landsberg  
Intro to the Base of Dzogchen.  Includes practices of Semzin and Rushen Practice. There will be time for Yantra Yoga & Vajra Dance.

November 7 & 8th  
Yantra Yoga Open House & Retreat 
With Josefina Robles  
Yantra Yoga Instruction
Also time for some Khaita & Vajra Dance 

November 20-22nd, 2015
Permaculture & Natural Eco-cultures Seminar
Weekend workshop with Jose Avina
November, January and March- combine with Yantra, Yoga, Vajra Dance & Tun

December 17-21, 2015 
SMS Training Base Level & Mahayoga Retreat with  Jim Valby  The Base of Dzogchen

December 27 to 2nd January, 2016 
Nina Robinson- Mandarava Retreat
A long life and revitalizing practice
People can arrive on the 26th

January 22-24th, 2016 
Weekend permaculture workshop with Jose Avina
Time for Yantra Yoga, Dance and Tun

February 26-28th, 2016 
Dream Yoga and Practice of Clear Light Retreat
(Proceeds to go to Dzamling Gar house fundraising project)
Micheal Katz

March 25 to 27th, 2016
Natural & Regenerative Farming Seminar
Permaculture Weekend workshop with Jose Avina
Combine with other practices

October/November 2016
Constantino Albini 
Guru Yoga retreat with SMS study/practice