Friday, June 10, 2016

Global Collective Practices

Dear all Dzogchen Community,

Opportunities to participate in our global collective practices.
Uniting our strength in this way brings enormous benefits, there is no doubt!

Since May 2012, each full moon (when there’s no webcast with Rinpoche) we are organising a Mandarava Ganapuja dedicated to the health and long life of our Master.

Currently, each month, we are also organising a practice for giving support to the development of Dzamling Gar, which is one of the most important projects of our Master. 

Eventually, we want to keep organising Guru Dragphur global chains with the intention of controlling the many negativities which continually arise in our world.

The next planned practices are:

June 14th - Jigme Lingpa Ganapuja global chain 24 hours
June 20th - Mandarava Ganapuja webcast at 19:30h (GMT+3)
July 10th - W√∂zer Chenma 
July 19th - Mandarava Ganapuja (webcast)
August 2nd - Jigme Lingpa Ganapuja 
August 6th - Guru Dragphur global chain 24 hours
August 18th - Mandarava Ganapuja (webcast)

We look forward to meeting you in the space and time of the practice!
Long life To Rinpoche !

Thursday, June 2, 2016

WEBCAST - Tsalung Retreat Program

Tsalung Retreat program

This is the program of the upcoming open webcast retreat from Dzamling Gar Tenerife local time GMT+1:00

From Dzamling Gar 
3 - 7 of June 2016

Program of teaching Tsa-lung related Yantra Yoga:

3 rd June 5-6pm. Presentation of this retreat teaching and transmit the Ati Guru Yoga.

Connect to Webcast at:

Time Zone Converter at:

4 th June -   10-12am. Info about the Tsalung from Vairo Gyud-bum: The Tsalung Tig- Gyud and Rinpoche Dam-ngag Gyud Chi-ma.

5-6pm. Fabio Andrico explain the Four Characteristic conditions and Four Profound Applications, and apply both altogether.

5 th June - 10-12am. Info about the Tsa from Dra Thal-gyur Tantra and how explained in it’s commentary of Bimalamitra.

5-6pm. Fabio Andrico explain the Secret Breathing for Directing the Prana into the central Channel and apply it altogether.

6 th June 10-12am. Info about the Lung from Dra Thal-gyur Tantra and how explained it in Bimala’s commentary.

5-6pm. Fabio Andrico explain the Smooth Breathing with Seven Limbs and the Rough Breathing With Six Applications.

7 th June 10-12am. I give Tridlungs of the Yantra Root text and some others. Also give some general advices.