Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015/16 Tentative Schedule

Tsegyalgar West 
Upcoming Retreat Programs

October 16 to 18th, 2015
Intro to SMS Base Level 
with Steven Landsberg  
Intro to the Base of Dzogchen.  Includes practices of Semzin and Rushen Practice. There will be time for Yantra Yoga & Vajra Dance.

November 7 & 8th  
Yantra Yoga Open House & Retreat 
With Josefina Robles  
Yantra Yoga Instruction
Also time for some Khaita & Vajra Dance 

November 20-22nd, 2015
Permaculture & Natural Eco-cultures Seminar
Weekend workshop with Jose Avina
November, January and March- combine with Yantra, Yoga, Vajra Dance & Tun

December 17-21, 2015 
SMS Training Base Level & Mahayoga Retreat with  Jim Valby  The Base of Dzogchen

December 27 to 2nd January, 2016 
Nina Robinson- Mandarava Retreat
A long life and revitalizing practice
People can arrive on the 26th

January 22-24th, 2016 
Weekend permaculture workshop with Jose Avina
Time for Yantra Yoga, Dance and Tun

February 26-28th, 2016 
Dream Yoga and Practice of Clear Light Retreat
(Proceeds to go to Dzamling Gar house fundraising project)
Micheal Katz

March 25 to 27th, 2016
Natural & Regenerative Farming Seminar
Permaculture Weekend workshop with Jose Avina
Combine with other practices

October/November 2016
Constantino Albini 
Guru Yoga retreat with SMS study/practice

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