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The Wisdom of Compassion: TW Nature Reserve Capitol Campaign

The Wisdom of Compassion:
TW Nature Reserve Capitol Campaign

TSW is in crisis and needs to get the basics running for self-sustenance, mainly Solar BATTERIES and HOT WATER. There are other things it's important for people to know - we need everyones help to repair and renovate the VERY BASICS for this next season.

The Tsegylagar West, Los Naranjos retreat center in Baja Ca Sur needs your support to complete repairs and renovate its infrastructure from last year's damage from Hurricane Odile. We have made progress with a new roof structure for the meeting hall, but still need support to replace solar batteries, hot water heaters in casitas, etc. This funding is very important to keep the beautiful and peaceful center maintained for renting to groups, as that is an important source of income to maintain it well.
Please give to the Capitol Campaign and we will give back in a program to acknowledgement of your gift! Please join us in collaboration by donating.
Who We Are
The Tsegyalgar West 'Los Naranjos" Buddhist retreat center is located in Baja California Sur. It is a Nature Reserve of 3,000 acres of diverse landscape, both desert and lush tropics. It has an intricate mysterious terrain and fresh springs, within the majestic Sierra Laguna mountain range.  It is located north of San Jose del Cabo in Baja Ca Sur, Mexico. We have been offering various programs to the
community for over ten years.

There are 16 casitas to enjoy for stays, which offer an extraordinary natural environment to immerse in, and to relax and discover our relationship with natural well being. Pristine wilderness areas are quickly becoming more rare and precious in our modern age. It is our mission to preserve this land for the benefit of all. Please come to visit!

Eco-stays can include meditation and contemplation practice, yoga and massage, hiking and natural spring arroyos, permaculture and gardens, ongoing seminars and programs available, as well as group retreats and eco-tourist interests.

What We Need
Funding for Infrastructure Repair & Renovation
Your support goes directly to the following projects. Our Goal of $54,000 covers installation of these priority projects by the board of directors:

SOLAR Batteries : $10,000  - Replace batteries (The existing are nine years old & don’t hold a charge)
Utility Area & Bathrooms : $10 ,000  - Construct vented utility storage behind kitchen to protect utilities from wind and weather. Eco friendly bathrooms added to the common area.
Hurricane preparation: $6,000- Shutters on windows and casita doors, various repairs, road maintenance and drainage
Upgrade Communications: $6,000- (a matching grant available from a donor!) Add antenna for internet and phone reception. Needed for better communications in this isolated spot.
Hot water heaters $9,000 - Old solar rooftop heaters destroyed in hurricane. New system will be protected in a side enclosure.
Furnishings: $5,500- New beds for dorm. Bedding/cabinets/curtains
Kitchen hot water/separate sink: $ 1,500- So cooking and cleanup can happen at the same time.
Tea Station/phone charging area: $1,000 In dining area for guests
Cattle Grates and level parking area: $5,000 To keep the cows from getting into the gardens and causing soil erosion. Level parking space.
Total Capitol Campaign Goal: $54,000

Your Impact
Your donation helps provide hot water for showers, solar electricity, improved communications and will generate stability and basic comforts for this place of refuge. Your donation will go a long way and also will be an investment for the future generations who will come to rediscover themselves in a peaceful and supportive atmosphere.

We care happy to provide a tax donation letter for USA tax deductions. We are currently working on non-profit status in Mexico, which should come through by 2016. Please give to the Capitol Campaign and we will give back in a tiered gift certificate program in acknowledgement of your generosity!

GIFT CERTIFICATES for Levels of Giving:
5,000+  Three weeks casita for any program or individual retreat
$2500-5,000   Two weeks casita free
$1,000-2,500  One week at a casita free
$250-$1,000    Overnight stay at a casita

Our Team

We are confident that as a team, we can all make a better world together. Made up of connected small and caring communities worldwide, we make a real difference in the stewardship of retreat land for the benefit of all. The Board of Directors and everyone associated with the non-profit center sincerely appreciate your support for making this campaign come to life!

Other Ways You Can Help
Spread the word about our work by sharing our IndieGoGo with your friends, family and co-workers through Facebook and email.
Get creative; use your Twitter, Instagram... ANYTHING to help spread the world!

For more information :

Tsegyalgar West – A Buddhist Retreat Center open to all. A repository for the wisdom of the ancient spiritual tradition of Dzogchen. Guided by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, one of the world's leading authorities on the Dzogchen tradition, it's expression in literature, and our translation into practice as a working model for personal and ecological development. We work in harmony with the land as it's stewards to recognize and reawaken the sacred in our lives and apply these truths in our world.

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