Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer at Tsegyalgar West

Ripe Mangos
Summer at Tsegyalgar West, Baja California Sur, Mexico

July 2016        
Dear Vajra brothers and sisters,    
We know you’d like to visit Tsegyalgar West at some point in your life for a retreat.    If you have the chance during the year ahead and would like to do some physical work, you are most welcome to come to our Karma Yoga retreats here at the Gar.   We will be doing several projects in the next month and have our main work period start from October at the end of the rainy season through April of next year.

If you come now, you need to be in good condition to work in a more relaxed way in the heat.  From October on, the temperatures start to go down and the environment is much more temperate and green in this most popular time of year.

Work planned is for ordinary and special maintenance to the main infrastructure (water system, Gompa, kitchen, casitas, fencing, trails, gardens, etc).  If you have some expertise you are extremely welcome, if not, this is your chance also to develop some manual skills!

Lodging is offered by the Gar. You will be given a safety orientation. There is time each day to practice and enjoy the spectacular beauty and profound blessings of this retreat center in the natural tropical desert wilderness.

If you cannot join us in person to participate because: (1) Physically you cannot do physical work (2) You simply prefer to do other kind of activities, but you would like to participate in some way, please help with a donation to cover some of these expenses. Current work projects for June-August being done include:

-       water proofing of 20 casitas; $180 usd for each casitas, 6 are now completed.
-       repair the fencing of the main area of the Gar; $120 usd to make a piece of new fence close to the Gonpa, $600 usd for the material to repair the existing fencing of the main area  
-       rehabilitation the area of the water spring (the Mango trees area) ; $600 usd to make a new metallic cover to the water spring,  $120 usd for changing the old pipes of the water spring
-       preparation of road and trails for the raining season.   $250 usd for tools and material for basic maintenance
-       gardening and landscaping .  $200 usd for buying plants and trees to plant around the Gompa and maintain the garden area
-       Cooking and practice
-       Summer repairs total funding needed: $4,400
These are our summer projects on the land and we invite your generosity and request support now, before we start our upcoming retreat program,  and a fabulous ‘Adopt A Casita’ project ahead for creating retreat opportunities and upgrading our casitas this coming season!

 Please do go to our website at and use the link to donate any amount directly by paypal or credit card. If preferred, you can donate with a money transfer to Wells Fargo Bank A​cct #  1690730070. For wire transfers, use the routing number 121000248 for domestic wires and the SWIFT code WFBIUS6S for international wires. Please send your name, address and the place where you are a DCC member for keeping records of your donation at the Gar.  Donation should specify “TW Karma Yoga 2016”. All donations are tax deductible, please send letter of request for receipt.

We hope to see you at the Gar for individual or group retreats ahead, where we will show where your donation has been employed. To see our upcoming Retreat program schedule go to:

For information: Giorgio Minuzzo, or

With deep gratitude & looking forward to being together at the Gar!!!!!

Tsegyalgar West gakyil

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