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Looking for Gekod and Gakyil for 2014/2015

Tsegyalgar West

Gekod and Gakyil for Tsegyalgar West

Tsegyalgar West in Baja Sur, Mexico
A Gekod is a TW manager, living on site at the retreat land.  Position begins December 1, 2014. Extra bonus: Rinpoche will give a retreat at the gar during the Christmas holidays.  Salary starts at $550 month (plus free lodging) and may be increased after a 3 month probation period. Training provided (1 month). One month paid vacation after 12 months of service.
Tsegyalgar West is a 3,000-acre rural property, located in the Sierra San Miguel mountains of Baja Sur, Mexico, 40 minutes from the International Airport of San Jose del Cabo (SJD) and the city of San Jose.  Please visit our website before applying to get acquainted with the location. The gar is moderately isolated and requires a considerable amount of physical maintenance; it is suitable for people who love quiet and solitude, but who also enjoy periodic bursts of intense activity when there are retreats or visitors. Requirements:
  • member of the Dzogchen community for at least 3 years
  • must be fluent in Spanish and manage to communicate in English, or be bilingual
  • valid driver license
  • experience as gekod in other centers desirable but if lacking can be compensated with other tangible organizational skills
  • committed to the well being and stability of the gar and to Dzogchen practices. Must have a positive attitude and ability to deal with minor stressors, face multiple demands, and also must be able to: get things done, take direction, be proactive, get along with others, assert one’s authority in a diplomatic manner, and handle conflicts
  • able to be “physical”, do work that is occasionally strenuous. Skills as handyman, carpenter, good cook, housekeeping also desirable. Must be willing to do and learn whatever the gar requires
  • willing to live in a rural area, with few entertainments and at some distance from town
  •  interface with contractors, government officials, partners, and supervise work at the gar with precision and diligence
  • good communication and computer skills
  • 2 year commitment.
If you are interested, please send a letter describing why you wish to be at TW as a gekod, what you bring to the job, and include your current address, 2 work references, and a resume listing the jobs you have had in the past 5-10 years.  Applications without a CV or resume will not be considered.  Please email to: or .
TW is looking for gakyil members 
and collaborators
The TW gakyil will hold a general election during the December retreat with Rinpoche at the gar, for new and additional gakyil members and for volunteer project managers and collaborators. Regardless of whether you can come or not to the retreat, we invite you to indicate your interest as soon as possible.  We have openings for all 3 colors (blue–retreats, red–infrastructure, yellow—finances). Two of last year’s members will remain on the gakyil and insure continuity.  We will also retain 2 key collaborators.
This is a very exciting time to become involved in TW.  In 2014 we laid the groundwork for developing the projects advised by Rinpoche—which include housing for practitioners at the gar, eco-tourism, and soon horticulture.  We offer half a dozen of retreats a year; we are starting courses in Tibetan medicine (beginning October 2014), yantra yoga certification; and the opportunity to participate in a housing partnership at Dzamling gar, Tenerife. Gakyil members’ requirements:
  • A member of the Dzogchen Community for 3 years or more
  • Ability to offer an average of 20 hrs work/ a month
  • Attend 1 gakyil meeting a month (1.5 hrs) and meet via skype or phone with your blue, red, yellow team mates 2-3 times a month
  • For non-Baja residents, travel to the gar twice in a 12 month period for a total of at least 10 days/year (free lodging)
  • Professional background and relevant work experience
Collaborators’ and Project Managers’ requirements:
  • A member of the Dzogchen Community at least since 2014
  • Ability to offer an average of 10 hrs work/ a month for the projects you will be taking on (whether blue–retreats, red–infrastructure, yellow—finances) under the direction of and with the support the Director, reporting to him or her circa 1x month
  • Professional background and relevant work experience: see below for details.
  • Ability to plan and self organize, follow leads, respect deadlines, produce result
  • Attendance to gakyil meetings is optional
In particular, we are looking for professionals interested in volunteering for the following projects– they will have plenty of autonomy without being  part of the Gankyl, without needing to attend meetings or get involved with any gar issues or  events.
(1) marketing: this is virgin territory, from Internet marketing to other forms of publicity, locally and internationally in order to position the gar for tourism and rentals– we need to get on the radar.
(2) ecological projects, including partnerships with government  and other institutions
(3) business partnerships: find  the groups and tours interested in partnering with us, especially for ecotourism, create a business plan
(4) fundraising and donor cultivation (both in English and Spanish).
Other desired skills for volunteer Project Managers and collaborators:  accounting and financial skills, graphic design, computer skills, organic gardening and horticulture, land development, architecture, build local partnerships, develop eco-tourism, fundraising and grant-writing
Please send your letter of interest with a CV or resume to: (Ana Couchonnal).

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