Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Center

Baja Ca Sur has a Dharma Center named Tsegyalgar West situated on Los Naranjos Road in the San Jose Mountains. The beautiful ranch was given to the International Dzogchen Community, under the direction of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche in 2003. Since then he and his senior students have been giving teachings such as Yoga Yantra, the sacred Dance of the Vajra, various tantric practices such as Mandarava, Chod, Ganapuja and practices of Dzogchen which are pure awareness practices.

Dzogchen teachings are also known as Ati-yoga, or Primordial Yoga. The word yoga is used as the equivalent Tibetan term naljor, which means awareness of the authentic condition of each individual at the core (without layers of ego). Dzogchen teachings have been transmitted through the culture of Tibet. Now in recent years they have spread around the world.

Tsegyalgar West, in the San Jose Mountains is a rustic retreat center. This beautiful and wild 3,000 acre land has natural springs, granite boulders, grand vistas and deep quiet for retreat. 
There are 12 casitas available for sleeping and camping bathhouses as well. The mission is to preserve the Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhist teachings and preserve a very special and natural environment for spiritual practice. 
This year Tsegyalgar west invites everyone interested to special retreats, practices and introductory talks.  There will be several retreats on the retreat land from February to May 2012. Public introductory talks will be held in Todos Santos with each visiting teacher. Please see schedule of events or the web site www.tsegyalgarwest.org for more information.

Tashi Delek! Auspicious wishes!

Tsegyalgar West, San Jose del Cabo Mountains, BCS   Please contact for more information:  tsegyalgarwestsecretary@gmail.com

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